FRAGMENTS 2004 Exhibition – St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

FRAGMENTS 2004 Exhibition – St. Peter and Paul Cathedral An unknown power coming from the inside (or the above) urges an artist to work, it fuels him, inspires him with the shape of things and makes his mind open to knowledge. This is the glamour of an artist. But on the other hand, it is too bad, that he is only allowed to collect the slivers of the real. He cannot do anything but try very hard to catch these little pieces as good as he can, they are the fragments of the sensed Truth. They are to be searched for by both the reason and sensibility to find the means and message to communicate. One should nevertheless keep in mind that the Spirit blows where it wills, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know whence it comes or whither it goes. And so one is left to pray – perhaps you could, even through me? … So that it had some sense…

The Nave:

Functioning as a symbol of  mankind´s lengthy journey towards God. The space of the cathedral hosts an exhibition attempting to visualise the exceptional personalities functioning as companions while leading people through history. Since the beginnings (David), Mary (the Virgin and God) has been heading for the altarpiece accompanied by the Old Testament prophets (the Prophet) and her contemporaries (st. Elisabeth). Both His and Her journeys are watched by and co-created by many other people including ourselves. This is symbolised by the two statues situated at each side of the nave (Catherine of Alexandria and Joan of Arc).

The Crypt:

The central motive of this installation is human life (the Birth). Resulting in redemption (the Day after Saturday), the course of life is depicted while enduring suffering with help of Our Lady (Notre Dame) and receiving support from characters connected with the teaching of the church (st. Nina, st. Catherine, Izaiah and Tribute to Theodorick) in presence of other people (Poet´s Portrait). The redemption is eventually reached through Christ´s Passion (Via Crucis, In the Garden of Gethsem´ane, the One).  

Brno – 27. 4. 2004       Vladimír Matoušek

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